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What is the Support the Cause program?

Support the Cause is a unique way to build ones' brand, while giving back to the people building it. Our alliance members can guarantee the lowest price to their consumer, because Hawx Outdoors backs your guarantee. Any customer using a Support the Cause number has 30 days to provide Hawx information on a lower price. If the lower price is confirmed, then Hawx Outdoors will provide the refund to the customer directly. This is a no hassle guarantee. This being the case, your customer has no reason to not purchase from you. Stating that, you are also bound by a MAP policy, and must advertise the product as per that agreement.

How easy it is to use

Once you have established a Support the Cause number, you just tell your customers about it, or tell them to go to the Hawx website and tell them to place an order. On the order entry screen, it will ask them for your Support the Cause number. Once that's done, you'll be alerted of the purchase, and compensation to your cause will be initiated. We take care of the rest. We've seen many causes, including Group Youth hunts, Environmental Causes, Wildlife Rehabilitation, Spring Hatches, Dog rescue, or even breeding dogs for War Veterans coming back home. This is most importantly, a unique way to build your brand. It's a viral marketing program. By selling Hawx products, you get a brand building awareness strategy going out of your own kennel, through:
  • Online awareness, as we'll put you up in our Kennel list on our website Dealer page, and link back to your site. This will allow traffic to roll through to your site from ours, allowing people in your area to not only donate to your cause, but they will see your kennel and perhaps their next dog will be trained at your kennel.
  • Word of Mouth, as the Support the Cause program is unique, and a customer will much rather donate money to a good cause, such as an environmental causes, youth hunts, whatever your cause is.
  • Product demonstrations, as we recommend perhaps running seminars to showcase how this product will help the average hunter, and allow you quicker timing, safer hunts, and a better product.
  • Increased membership, due to people across America learning about your cause, your kennel, your programs, and your dog training and hunting activity.
With an Alliance number, and membership, a percentage of every sale when the number is used will be donated to your cause, through e-collar sales. Hawx Outdoors' goal is to be raising money to many different organizations, in hopes that the hunting world will be donating within itself over and over again, to valuable causes and generating discussion about the positive environmental causes.

What Causes are supported, and how does the Cause get approved?

Hawx Outdoors supports many different causes, be it:
  • Hunter Education
  • Disabled hunters
  • Maintenance of Dog Training Areas
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Habitat Enhancement
  • Humanitarian Efforts

And, if you've got an idea for another great cause, let us know! We want to work with as many local chapters as possible, to know that the grounds within which we work are donating towards one another. Donations will be made locally, not nationally, and in this way we feel the money is better put to use, than donations made to large, corporate offices, where money can be lost in administrative fees.

How do Alliance Members of Support the Cause achieve success?

There are some simple keys to success, and it starts with spreading the word about the e-collar, your alliance number, and your cause. We've seen clubs, kennels, local chapters; all spread their brand of hunting, training, and dog love, through:
  • Email blasts to their customers, allowing them access to take a look at the cause they're supporting.
  • Events, as many of us go to local dinners, host events on our grounds, it allows us to educate the public of a revolutionary new e-collar, as well as a program instilled within your own brand now, donating back to your own community and grounds
  • Chat and message boards, as many people are now using social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This allows customers to get the word out globally about the product, and their own product, enhancing talk of your cause.
  • Link sharing within our Dealer and Kennel page, allowing access to customers of ours, and customers of yours to search through a database of collective great concepts of how one can give back to a community locally
  • Display booths, as many preserves will put our Displays up which feature a toy gun that has some buttons installed on it, to show the ease of use of the product

What is the difference between your "Support the Cause" Alliance program, and a conventional equipment vendor program?

We see two types of programs out there today for support, and neither have proven to be very successful for organizations. We see a Club and Auction program, wherein most organizations will host a dinner for their club members to gather. This allows the organization to ask for a product donation for the event at their chapter dinner. Products are usually purchased at a discounted rate, and then auctioned off at the club to make money back for the club. An e-collar program here would raise approximately $300 for their dinner, and their cause they're raising money for. We are happy to support this program, but we don't see this as a very good long term plan as we see this only contributing minimally compared to the Support the Cause program. This is a onetime event, and a onetime money raise. Within Support the Cause, it runs year round. Most of these chapter dinners locally are a small, closed off network of people, whereas Support the Cause reaches whoever has heard of your cause! This allows you to reach not only your own network, but well beyond your own network, to the average pet owner, hunter, and dog lover!

The other program we usually see, at a National level, is the Product Sales program. This is where Kennel owners and Chapters will sell e-collars and products through an online store, or through their kennel and club, or even in catalogues. Members will purchase these e-collars and the profits will go to the organization. In theory, this is a good idea, but in reality, little profit is made, due to these organizations not being in the business of selling dog products, and just can't be competitive with a chain store such as Cabela's, Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, or whomever it may be. With the Support the Cause program, the consumers are guaranteed the lowest price. Therefore, there is nowhere for them to find someone who can undercut the profit, and there's no reason for them to not donate to your cause! This unique Hawx program provides lowest price guarantee to your client, is viral which allows other people that your clients network with to support your cause, and provides you a way to build your brand. This all translates into thousands more in donations than a conventional program and it provides an opportunity to enhance your own brand, be it for your kennel, club, or organization. Now, not only do you have the ability to compete with the biggest, but you have an advantage because you're promoting your own business.

How do I get started?

All you have to do to get started is fill out the application form and Hawx Outdoors will read over, and approve your application. After this, Alliance members are suggested to place an order for the Display ($90.00) to be used for the year, for year round exposure at their club. Most people will usually want to make a first collar purchase to, and your own first collar purchase will donate money right back to your cause! What we will do, is set you up with a Support the Cause number, as well as a marketing package from us to get you started, and we'll begin to assemble your Support the Cause page to link to your site! Then, we'll make your Support the Cause number available within our store for people to start donating to your cause immediately! The customer just simply goes to the Hawx Store and enters their alliance number in the Checkout page!

If you have any further questions on the program, please give our Marketing department a call, at:

1-800-610-4299 (HAWX)

Hit extension 221, and we'll be happy to explain any further information you need regarding this, and we look forward to giving back to you!

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