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Matt Behe
Tournament Hunter BDC, National Upland Classic, UFTA

Hawx Dog and Gun is a tactical advantage for hunters, as well as for Tournament Hunting.

Hi I'm Matt Behe, and my background is a competitive shooter and hunter. I started shooting when I was 9 years old, and worked up the ranks of competitive clay shooting and became a world class shooter. As well, my father was an avid bird hunter and I spent my years hunting over many different types of bird dogs, including pointers, retrievers and flushers. Over the last number of years, I've become very actively involved in the sport of tournament hunting.

In this sport, hunters are rewarded for their expertise in shooting, and their dogs are rewarded for their bird finding capabilities and trained obedience during bird contact. As most hunters and working dog enthusiasts understand today, 95% of all competitive dogs are trained with the use of E-Collars. Last year, I had heard about a company Hawx Outdoors that was bringing out a new type of E-collar, which allowed me to control my e-collar from my gun. The benefit was the ability to reinforce corrections at the time and place of the occurrence in a hunting environment; control at your finger tips. Timing is the single most important tool when training any type of dog. The closer that you can provide reinforcement to the event/Act, the faster the dog understands and the less likelihood that the dog misunderstands your intent.

In the world of hunting and tournament hunting, many things are happening at the same time, such as birds running, dogs moving in too quickly, the hunter pressuring the bird, walking environment changes and birds flying in a direction which is not safe to shoot. All these issues require that you must have an easy, simple control system, in which your eyes never leave the field of play. This single gun mounted control allows your peripheral sense to be intact which provides a tactical advantage in bird hunting, or tournament hunting. No hunter, or tournament bird shooter, can be trying to fumble for an E-collar and losing his tactical vision on the bird. This only causes missed opportunities, bad shots; break down in the dogs trained performance or safety issues.

This new system developed by Hawx called Dog & Gun, has been an unbelievable advantage for me, and provides consistent conditioning for my dogs whether I'm training or hunting. In terms of how the Hawx Dog Gun system works, which is better explained technically on the Hawx Dog & Gun website, but in simple terms, it's a Bluetooth control system that drives your E-collar, in which you can mount the Bluetooth button in a variety of locations, which allows you instantaneous access. I personally have 2 buttons installed on my guns, one in the horn (stock) , and one that snaps onto the barrel. I can run multiple dogs and multiple levels of stimulation on each dog.

In the field, the collar becomes a one button control system, providing the simplest and fastest method to correct your dog, at his own particular level. It is now capable to run 2 dogs easily in the field without touching the master Transmitter. Control is at your finger tips, eyes never leave the field of play all peripheral senses are intact at all times.

There are also a number of other features you will like, such as the E-Stretch Strap, performance wings, and a variety of features not seen in other high end e-collar products. The Hawx Dog Gun E-collar system is certainly a high quality, high featured, top grade product. There is no doubt that after using one of these systems, it will change the way that you hunt for the rest of your life. It's amazing to me; the simple concept is a game changer in both ease of use, and dog control in the field. Please feel free to contact me or visit my website http://www.rockyrivergundogs.com if you have any questions on this great new technology or how to best use the technology in training and hunting please contact me.

If you're looking for this technology, use this Support the Cause Alliance Number and 10% of the revenue will be donated to Matt Behe's cause 10127577

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