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Dennis Robins

I'm an old dog trainer that most people say that I can't be taught new tricks. I had the pleasure of developing Evan Star Lean Mack as a Derby Dog, and conditioned him to the E-Collar as I did with thousands of other dogs throughout my career. I first started using e-collars with the first e-collar, the Boseman. Then, I became a long term user of Tri Tronics e-collars, as they truly are a quality collar. I would have never thought that I would see another development in e-collar technology, as I did when I began to use the Hawx Dog & Gun system. Pro trainers, or amateurs, are always in search of the exact timing for correction. Hawx Dog & Gun is the only system in a hunting environment, or a steady to flush environment, in which you can accomplish this timing consistently. Hawx is a wonderful, quality product, with an unbeatable feature, called Dog & Gun. Highly recommend this to any hunter.

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