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Jeff Youngberg

Iím originally from NY, where I grew up hunting upland birds and waterfowl. My passion began at a young age, and continues today. I now live in Aberdeen SD, in which I'm a guide for duck hunting, geese, pheasants, and other birds in SD. I've bred Labradors and trained many successful hunting and field trial dogs. I own a kennel, and an outfitters organization called Snake Creek Outfitters. I had the opportunity to use the Hawx Dog & Gun product this year on many hunts, some of which were filmed for the Outdoor channel in which you'll see me using the Hawx DG product. I not only had the Dog & Gun control system mounted on my shotgun for easy access in hunting, but I also had another button which I mounted on my Zink duck call. It was unbelievable, the control which I had over young, or seasoned dogs. I found that these quick corrections allowed me to decrease my stimulation level, which improved my dogs' attitude and performance. I highly recommend to any outfitter or hunter, the Hawx Dog & Gun system, as it will truly revolutionize the way your dog and you interact in the field.

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