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The Problem With Other E-Collars

"It really annoys me that e-collars are great "training" tools but ineffective and unusable in many hunting situations. There is too much fumbling and the response is too slow."

-Tom Lalor

The days of hunting with a conventional e-collar are over.

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Other E-collars

Hawx is about developing new technology to solve everyday problems, such as conventional e-collars that require you to dig the transmitter out of a pocket or take your eyes off the field of action: dog, bird, e-collar, walking, other hunters. Conventional e-collars used in a hunting environment take too long to be effective behavior tools. A hunter usually has less than a quarter of a second to react, which is impossible unless your eyes are on the device. Other e-collars are simply hard to operate, not an effective behavior tool in this environment and can be dangerous when trying to handle a firearm at the same time.
Hawx Dog & Gun ™ System:

The Hawx Dog & Gun ™ system is a dual-purpose system for both hunting environments and training. It offers all the features that conventional training e-collars offer, but allows you a gun mounted control, and easy, fast access in the field. Dogs run at 44 ft per second. As dogs are place-oriented animals, they need to be corrected at the place of behavior. Therefore, speed and ease of use are the advantages Hawx Dog & Gun ™ offers.

Technology & Configurations

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