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The most advanced technology engineered for the hunter.

Why is Dog & Gun ™ technology better?

Dog & Gun ™ provides an easy, fast way to control & train your dog while hunting or in a training environment. It is true dual-purpose system that provides tactile sensing for dog, gun, e-collar, bird, other hunters and walking ground.

You don't need a third hand when using Hawx Dog & Gun ™!

Training is all about timing... correct your dog instantly with Dog & Gun ™.
Our Reason for Being

Build the best product. This doesn't mean "among the best" or the best at a particular price point. It means "make the best" product, period. This means you will find that Hawx products consistently out-perform the competition in reliability, distance and stimulation. In addition, you benefit from the many new features not available on conventional e-collar systems.

Hunting environment

Fast correction

Dog & Gun ™ Control button allows you instant correction control without taking your eyes of the field. You never miss your chance at a bird.

Easy to use

Dog & Gun ™ Control button is in sight at all times; never do you have to fumble for your master transmitter.

Better dog communication

Dogs are place-oriented animals and associate stimulation at the physical location of stimulation. Therefore timing of the reinforcer is key. Stimulation at the wrong location or wrong time only confuses the dog and may unintentionally re-enforce an alternative behavior. It also removes style and lessens the motivation your dog feels. Marking the movement as it occurs is truly the information the dog needs, not a debriefing at a later point in time.

Dual-purpose system

Training standards must be same whether you're training or hunting. If you demand a dog to whoa or sit in training, then the same should be true hunting. Dog & Gun ™ allows you the correct stimulation timing regardless of whether you're training or hunting.

Tactile sensing

Hawx Dog & Gun ™ allows you, the hunter, to have the control of your dog at your fingertips with the micro transmitter mounted on the gun. As such, the hunter has the opportunity to have much better tactile vision of the surrounding environment. That means that you and your dog can react instantly to the situation at hand! Birds, dogs, e-collars, other hunters, walking ground...

Training environment

Dog & Gun ™ has all the features required for any type of training, as well as many new features:

- Dog & Gun ™ ready
- Car Charger
- Customizable modes
- Third party compatible (launchers, bird release)
- Stubborn Dog mode
- Waterproof
- Faster charger (2 hrs)
- Upgradeable to Dog & Gun (Dog & Gun ™ ready)

Drop dead better.
The Problem With Other E-Collars

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