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Moves as your dog moves.

Hawx Stretch E-Strap

This new e-collar technology expands and contracts as your dog's neck muscles work. The benefits are significant in e-collar performance and dog comfort versus traditional e-collars.


The greatest problem in overall performance of traditional e-collars is what is called an "Open Circuit Condition". This condition occurs when skin contact is lost, which can happen a number of ways including:

- When a dog runs hard and bounces.

- If the e-collar is put on too loose.

- If the dog is collar-weary and expands his neck when the collar is tightened or sucks in his neck to loosen the collar.


As you can imagine, a collar that does not expand (traditional designs) will feel constricting and tight during heavy breathing and exercise. This, of course, is not comfortable for any dog, especially working dogs (try it yourself). Comfort and fit are extremely important for the following reasons:

- Having consistent pressure increases the wear time (extended use).

- Reduces becoming collar-weary for dogs.

- He is your best friend, so give him a pair of "shoes" that fit.


Fitting a collar properly is a bit of an art. The Stretch E-Strap has a tightening system that allows you to gauge the tightness and get a consistent fit. This stops the problem of conventional over-tightening or loose fits. The buckle is made of see-through material to allow you to gauge the fit. The Stretch E-Strap provides benefits for all e-collars, including bark collars, remote dog training collars, and pet containment collars. The universal strap is standard equipment on any Hawx Dog & Gun ™ system but can be used on Tri-Tronics, Dogtra, Innotek, Petsafe, DT Systems, and most other manufacturers.

Fitting procedures:

1) Put the collar on the dog in the middle of his neck

-2) Pull the strap until the cable ends meet the fit line or your custom position

3) Buckle the strap. The buckle should be able to expand and contract no matter what the position of the collar is on the dog's neck.

Note: A leash should never be attached to the Stretch E-Strap, use a separate collar.


The Hawx system is designed for rugged use, using 100% stainless steel parts and durable polycarbonate plastic. It can be disassembled if cleaning is required.

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