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E-Collar PC Wings

PC Wings

This innovation provides better skin contact and collar fit. The benefit is increased stimulation reliability and consistent stimulation level regardless of type of dog or length of hair. The design increases dog comfort and wear ability, as well as reduces skin irritation or sores. You do not need the short and long contacts used in other e-collars.

The Problem

Other e-collars are designed to exert 90% of the tightening pressure directly on the two electrode points, which have a very small surface area. The result is discomfort, skin irritation or sores, and performance issues due to e-collar movement. The limited surface area allows the collar to move around easily, like a ballpoint pen, and can lose contact to the skin from hair or movement. Two sets of contacts are not needed for different types of dog hair.


The engineer's goal was to create a design that reduced the electrode pressure from 90% to 10%. This goal was reached by increasing the surface area by approximately 1000 times with the addition of PC wings. Distributing the pressure from points to the big muscle area of the neck increases friction and results in reduced collar movement, increased comfort and improved reliability when the dog is in action.

Integral to the design was the "skin pocket area" that allows the skin to make contact regardless of hair type or length, and dog movement. The pocket provides long probe skin contact but with a short probe feel.

Overall, this innovation provides more consistent stimulation when dogs are in motion, as well as a snugger fit, increased dog comfort, and extended wear.

Hawx Dog & Gun ™ provides both conventional design and accessory PC Wings.

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