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Safety counts.

Technology & Configurations

Hawx engineers spent 2 years developing, patenting, testing and refining the technology for the dual-purpose DG Hunter/Trainer. You won't find these features in any other e-collar because it's a completely new way to train and hunt.

Gun Mounted transmitter

Hawx engineers designed a transmitter the size of a dime that can be mounted into the stock or clipped onto the barrel of your gun, therefore providing tactual sensing: dog, gun, other hunters, e-collar, bird and field.

Hawx Communications system

A watch-type battery powers the gun-mounted micro transmitter. It communicates to a receiver located on the master transmitter, similar to Bluetooth® technology. The communication then triggers the master transmitter to send out a high-powered signal to the dog-mounted e-collar, up to a mile away (depending on the model).

Up to 15 buttons can be paired to one master transmitter, giving you unlimited flexibility for multiple guns, levels, dogs and types of stimulation.
Duck/Goose Guide Call Mounting Option

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