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Other Applications

"I don't like to walk with a transmitter in my hand. My key chain control is great!"

The Problem

In an urban setting, it is imperative for dog owners to guard against their animal's possible behavioral issues, such as running away or attacking another dog. Conventional e-collars use transmitters that are bulky; they simply do not fit into an urban lifestyle, where a person needs two hands.

The Solution

When taking your dog for a walk, all you should need to bring is your keys. With the Hawx Dog & Gun ™ Control, a convenient key chain micro transmitter replaces the conventional e-collar transmitter. Feel free to hold a beverage, push your baby stroller or hold your partner's hand! Solve your dog's behavioral problem with an e-collar that uses a key chain control. It is light, convenient and cool. No longer should your transmitter be a burden!

Police Patrol Dogs - Bomb Detection Dogs
Dog & Gun ™
Control gun mount or Wrist watch mount

K9 Officers need control instantly, without fumbling, or losing peripheral tactual sight. Gun mount or watch mount to allow instant dog control. It is great for many police application and liability issues.

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