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Moves as your dog moves.

Features and Mode Chart

The Hawx e-collar system is a full featured high-end training system.

Reliability and distance

  • .5 mile model DG Sport Hunter/ trainer
  • 1 Mile model Pro DG Hunter/ trainer

Collar Performance

  • Hawx use the best type of pulse stimulation for effective low and High level control
  • Hawx uses a heavy duty transformer to assure stimulation power and reliability for upper end stimulation for demanding dogs
  • Hawx use its patented e-stretch strap and performance wings to assure correct skin contact


  • E-stretch strap expands as your dog moves
  • Performance wings provide extended wear and reduction of skin irritation and pressure sore issues.

Full featured collar

  • Custom modes to allow you to customize the Hawx system for you training style:
  • 18 levels of Continuous
  • 18 levels of Momentary
  • Rising stimulation (Available on request)
Rising stimulation is a unique feature that provides you the opportunity to set stimulation at a desired level; Example, level 2. If you were to hold the button down, the stimulation will start at 2 and rise to the next level every 3/4 of a second (2, than 3, than 4, than 5, than 6) until you release the button. After you release the button, it will reset to the stimulation you have to the set level, in this example it would be level 2. As well, you could momentarily push the button and it would provide stimulation at level 2, and work as a momentary stimulation without rising.
This unique feature lends itself to many types of training techniques. In police force work, it can be used for bite training, in which it can be very hard for the trainer to increase stimulation during an aggressive bite behavior, as he's trying to defend himself. This feature is available on the master Transmitter, and also on the DG Remote. This remote capability provides great flexibility in environments where you are trying to perform another task, like defending yourself, and controlling the dog. Other applications are for hunters that want to provide a set stimulation in momentary, but may want to increase it for a "must stop" requirement. An example would be a correction at level 3 momentary (push and release the button), for a dog chasing a rabbit. If the dog did not stop, and was getting close to the highway, then you could hold down the button and the stimulation would rise until it deterred your dog from this dangerous action. This would not be possible in a scenario where you had to adjust the stimulation level manually.

Even more important is your remote DG control button can have this feature. Never do you hands or eyes have to move to the transmitter to increase a stimulation level again!

The following is the procedure to turn "Rising stimulation" on or off. Rising stimulation is only available on High Continuous. So, if you turn the feature "ON" any mode that has High Continuous, it will be changed into rising High Continuous, and the procedure is shown below:

How to turn "Rising Stim" ON or OFF

Step 1 - Move selector switch "T" position (training)
Step 2 - Move toggle switch to the "Down position"
Step 3 - Move rotary dial to 6
Step 4 - Press the mode button and release
Step 5 - "Rising Stim ON" Press Lower Button

To turn off rising stim repeat steps 1 - 4
Step - 5 "Rising Stim OFF" Press the Upper button.
  • Tone
  • Vibrate
    • The collar receiver will vibrate when a selected button is pressed, lasting for a maximum of 8 seconds. Vibrate can be controlled by button control in modes, or via the "B" selection on the intensity dial.
  • Robotic control
  • Launcher control (maximum 6 launcher)
  • Third party support
  • Up to 12 channel
  • 360 degree motion control
  • Digital sounds
  • Lithium Ion replaceable batteries
  • Fast charging
  • Car charger
  • Water proof

Hawx Mode Chart and Remote Training Systems

NOTE: The transmitter is set at factory default, on model 11 Continuous (upper button), Momentary (low button), Tone (side button), Dog #1 and Dog #2 - toggle position. From the configuration chart, pick the model that best fits your type of training style or hunting style. Note the model # you would like to select.

E-Collar Modes Oriented to Continuous

E-Collar Modes Oriented to Momentary

E-Collar Modes Oriented to Tone/Vibrate

E-Collar Modes Oriented to 3 or More Dogs

All-In-One Training Systems E-Collar / Remote Control

Additional Modes

Remote Training Systems

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