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All-in-One Release System (2 models, .5 Mile and 1 Mile)

The Hawx all-in-one training system provides you one master Transmitter that can control any device in the field, including E-collars, third party launchers such as Bumper Boy Launchers, Winger Zingers, Malcolm Retired Gunners, Max 5000 and any other device that may use a servo control, or a 6 volt control. The following are standard features on this all-in-one training system:
  • Two Different Range Transmitters, Half Mile and 1 Mile
  • Release receivers (4, 8 and 12 channel receivers)
  • Launcher control (RCA jack, 4 channel jack, motion jack)
  • Standard sound (chirper sound)
  • Motion control for 360 degree motion devices, or Up/Down control
  • Auto Run Ready (button not included)
  • E-collar ready
  • Multi Mode (27 different modes)
  • Fast charging (2 hour charge)
  • Car charger
  • Supports any third party device

Our optional features:

Advanced Sound option

Unique to Hawx is the advanced sound system. Training with sound is key in teaching your dog many complex setups. Hawx provides 4 different sounds, which can be selected easily from the receiver. These include:





Please click to listen to the different sounds. You can also listen to the standard sound (sample coming soon), which will not carry over long distances.

These sounds are produced by a digital sound chip, and can be heard over long distances by a directional speaker. They are much more powerful than the standard sound system, which is mainly used as a locator speaker, will not be as directional to the dog and will not operate in windy conditions.

Auto Run

Auto Run allows you to operate multiple units like a field trial. The benefit is that it allows you to concentrate on your dog, not on another Transmitter. Note - an Auto Run button can also be used as a DG remote control for a Hawx e-collar.

This feature can be customized delay sequence, ranging from 1 - 6 seconds, and customizable sound or sound and launch feature.


Auto run mode launches multiple units with a customizable sequential delay between marks (1 - 6 seconds). Launch and sound can be configured.


Quad Capable:
Start (4 second delay)
Launch, mark 1 - with, or without sound
Delay (1-6 seconds)
Launch - next mark (capable of operating a Quad series)

Pause - Allows you to pause, and to move into manual mode on the master transmitter
Restart - restarts the sequence
Reset - resets to the beginning of the firing order

Add-on E-collar

As an all-in-one training system, this training system can support complete e-collar control through a toggle switch selection, which will allow you to operate multiple launchers, and an e-collar at the same time. In addition, both Auto Run remote control and DG remote e-collar control are also supported concurrently. This is a true all-in-one training solution that provides ease of use, and saves you investment dollars.

8 and 12 Pro Release Receivers

These receivers are available to support large configurations and specifically Bumper Boy 8 and 12 shooter launchers. These receivers have all the capabilities to meet any control environment you may wish. Please note that 12 shooter receivers, advanced sound comes standard.


The Hawx Dog & Gun ™ system exclusively powers and controls all models of Bumper Boy remote release systems. The master control provides launch control as well as control over the advanced sound system. The Dog and Gun ™ button can even be used to launch the Bumper Boy System. We support all of their models and provide the easiest control possible.

In addition we support all other mechanical launchers such as:

Other Applications

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