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Control at your fingertips


DOG control at your finger tips

The DG remote provides communications power in your hands, or in action. The DG remote is used in much the same way during K9 training as in the field. Multiple DG remotes can provide training advantages and constants that are not possible with conventional e-collars. In the field, military work, or police, you have instant control in even the most dangerous environments!

Trainers and K9 handlers world wide are now making the DG remote a integral part of K9 training and user in protection work, bomb dogs, search and rescue, border patrol and police handling.

What features does the Hawx K9 model have?

  • DG remote - Multiple remotes are supported for the most complex training scenarios.
  • Multiple mounting options:
    • Finger ring
    • Stick mounts
    • Watch mount
    • Molle vest mounts
    • Belt Clip
    • Weapon mounts
  • E-stretch strap - Moves as a working dog moves - Superior performance and comfort for working dogs.
  • E-collar - Highly reliable, fully featured, any stimulation type, tone & vibrate, and rising stimulation all available!

Special features for K9

Rising stimulation - Rising stimulation is a feature that provides an increase in stimulation if you hold the button down. Rising stimulation starts at the intensity you set it at, and increases every 3/4 of a second. Rising stimulation works both the master transmitter, as well as the DG remote, on any Continuous stimulation level, be it High, Medium, or Low.

Tactical DG mode - In this mode the DG remote memorizes the dog number, and the stimulation level. This allows fast, easy ways to run multiple dogs, multiple collars and multiple buttons.

Intuitive mode - In this mode the DG does act the same as the setting on the transmitter. If the intensity dial is on 2, than if you press DG remote, Intensity is set on 2. If you move the toggle switch, then the DG remote controls the other collar if you're running a 2 dog system. This is handy and simple to use for the person that is running one collar and a remote, as the system corresponds to the exact measurements your Transmitter shows. It is very intuitive, and therefore easy to use.

K9 mode - This is for advanced K9 training. The DG remote memorizes the intensity level but the toggle selects either dog or a different type of stimulation. One DG remote can drive two stimulation depending on the mode. Momentary and Continuous or Continuous & Continuous. Great for increase behavior with different levels in fast action command training. DG remote provides sub second level control.

Multiple DG remotes - K9 trainers can have two remotes in their hand and drive four different functions.

New modes

The following new modes, combined with multiple DG remotes, provide endless possibilities to advance your dog quickly and provide clear communications.

Single collar modes Toggle up 3 levels of continuous Toggle down 3 Levels of Momentary

Single collar modes Toggle up 3 levels of continuous Toggle down 3 Levels of Continuous

Tone/Vibrate followed by stimulation - This provides conditioning of tone or vibrate can be usefully for all types of obedience's or K9 work.

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