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Control at your fingertips

Hawx Slice: Details and Features


  • Concealed transmitter design
  • Smart phone control - iPhone, Android platforms
  • Two function finger mount control
    • Gyro hand position control
  • Any numbered function control - Smart Phone control
  • Complete custom training system - OBEY APP
  • 400 yard range
  • Multi - dog
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Small dog e-collar
  • Size - 2.25 L x 5/8 wide x .5 deep

Removable Finger Mount


Control methods
Slice control
The Slice can be run in standalone mode for basic control, such as taking your dog for a run. In this mode you can select any functions on your two button remote. The one button can have two functions based on your hand position. (Palm up, palm down). You may decide palm up will be momentary, level 3 and palm down will be rising stimulation or boost, to deter the dog.

Smart phone mode
In this mode your control is your Smartphone display. You can have any number of control functions and you can control multiple dogs. Intensity can be changed as well as the type of stimulation. Help text can be displayed on the Smartphone. Voice feedback can also be provided for changing intensity or changing stimulation type. General Help or Training Tips are provided on the Smartphone by the OBEY App. As all your remote controls are displayed on the phone, this provides great ease of use and understanding and also can be used in public settings in a discrete way.

Multi Mode
In this mode, the Slice is the action device, tapping your dog in palm up or down. Intensity levels are adjusted with the other hand via volume control or display on your smart phone. This combination allows you total flexibility for feature control, ease of use without looking at a screen. Control changes can even be feedback via voice confirmation.



The Slice has unlimited features and is a truly smart device that uses words to explain things. That is why you do not need a manual, because the help function is your OBEY APP. The following is a list of some of the features:
  • Types of stimulation
    • Vibrate
    • Tone
    • Continuous
    • Momentary
    • Auto momentary
    • Boost
    • Rising
    • Tone/stimulation
    • Memorize level
  • Change intensity
    • Smart Phone
      • Volume key
      • Display
  • Range of stimulation (selectable)
    • 100 levels
    • 1-10 levels
    • 1-6 levels
  • Other features
    • Display custom help text on screen
    • Audio feedback
    • Custom configure
      • Slice
      • Smart phone
      • Unlimited number of saved modes.
  • Obey App
    • Remote control and configuration
      • Any configuration
    • Custom training system, text, video, Images, stimulation
    • Pro connect
    • Gallery

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