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Control at your fingertips

Announcing the new revolutionary Hawx Slice

The first remote trainer ever to be controlled by a Smartphone (available on both iPhone and Android platforms).

There is no device faster to correct your dog than the new Hawx Slice; whether you're training or taking your dog for a run, the Slice is always at your fingertips or in the palm of your hand. It's functional at home, in training, or at the park.

Removable Finger Mount

This innovative training system allows you the benefits of a concealed transmitter for training, with new easy to use controls via a 2 function finger mounted remote. The system has the capability to communicate with a dog collar at 400 yards.
This integrated system can run in stand-alone mode, or in smart phone mode, or in combination. Mounting methods include a finger mount, and key chain.

The Smartphone not only controls the Slice, but it provides a method to configure your device in any way you want without a manual. The Slice provides you unlimited numbers of features, buttons, and toggle switches, via a Smartphone, and allows you to save custom configured modes. In Slice only mode, one button provides two separate functions through the use of a Gyro to determine hand position.

Slice's brain is its smart App called OBEY. OBEY not only provides you remote control via a Smartphone, but provides you help functions, training guides and videos, and even feedback to your trainer. Your trainer can use OBEY to load his specialized training methods.

In terms of features, there is no remote trainer that offers more features than the Slice. It offers 100 levels of continuous and momentary, rising stimulation, tone, vibrate, and control over reward devices and many more. This advanced trainer can provide you voice feedback via your Smartphone when you change stimulation levels to confirm the change. Therefore, you never have to take your eyes off the dog.

This is an overview of the new Hawx Slice, which operates using Low Energy Bluetooth, as well as its compatibility with the Hawx ruggedized DG Remote button. All of this technology is patented under 12/030,549 and US 6830014 B1 as well as US and EU pending applications.

Retail price: $190.00

Set for release Late Quarter of 2013.

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Anyone can get involved in this new technology, whether you're a user or a manufacturer of e-collars. Investment opportunities, licensing opportunities, partnerships and joint ventures will all be possible with this new and exciting evolution of dog training that most certainly will provide our users with tools that have never been possible before.

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