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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stimulation be changed?
Yes, any time.

Can the Master transmitter be used?
Yes, if you switch it out of dog and gun mode.

Can I run 2 dogs with different stimulation levels?
Yes, two buttons or more can be used and each can be set at different levels or even different types of stimulation. Three types of momentary are offered.

Can I buy extra buttons so I can install them on different guns?

Can I have two buttons, one set, for example, on a low level 1 or vibrate, and the other on level 4 for high stimulation.
Yes and you can change levels easily.

Is there any delay in stimulation versus the master transmitter?
No - the response is instant - less than fractions of a second.

If I do not buy a gun button at the time of purchase, can I add it later?
Yes, at any time. All Hawx products come "Dog & Gun ™ ready," which means they already have a DG radio receiver installed. You just pair the two units when you receive your Dog and Gun ™ button control.

Will any system interfere with other users?
No, all systems are digital and have unique ID codes.

Can batteries be changed?
Yes, the Dog and Gun ™ uses a lithium rechargeable and replaceable battery.

How do I know if I need to replace my Dog & Gun ™ transmitter?
Before use you should pressure the gun transmitter and see if the master transmitter flashes.
Master transmitter must be in Dog & Gun ™ mode. (Ensure the e-collar is not on the dog.)

Master Transmitter

Can you control the Tone or Vibrate?
Yes, both.

What does the mode button do?
It allows you the configure the buttons in any way you want, types of stimulation, number of dogs or control other devices like launchers.

Q: Do I have to charge the transmitter and receiver simultaneously?
A: No. The transmitter and the receiver can be charged separately if necessary.

Q: How can I tell if my transmitter needs to be recharged?
A: The transmitter indicator light will flash when the Continuous button is pressed.

Q: Can I change the operating mode on my transmitter?
A: Yes. Refer to the below video or the Program the Remote Transmitter section of your owner's manual.

Q: What is the rechargeable battery operating life of my transmitters or receiver?
A: Depending on frequency of use:

Gun Transmitter

10,000 operations

Transmitter non Dog & Gun ™ mode

Transmitter Dog & Gun ™ mode


80 hours

40 hours

40 hours

Q: If I am not going to use my Hawx Dog trainer for several weeks. Are there any precautions I need to take?
A: Your system should be fully charged every 6 weeks to keep the batteries viable.

Q: Will it damage the receiver or transmitter if my dog goes swimming?
A: No, your Hawx products are waterproof and submersible

Q: If I unplug my unit after it is fully charged and immediately plug it back in, will the unit start flashing again?
A: No. The flashing full charge indicator is based on a timer and will need to "cycle" again, even though the unit is fully charged.

Can I control devices like launchers?
Yes, the Dog & Gun ™ system can control launchers like Bumper Boy, Winger Zinger, etc.


Are longer/shorter contact points available?
Long and short contacts are not really required with the design of the performance/comfort wings.

Can I use the Hawx system without PC wings?
Yes and, if you do so, it will work much like a conventional collar.

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