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Patents Issued to Hawx Outdoors

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Hawx Outdoors Inc.

January 28th 2013 Patent Update

We are pleased to advise that both patents have now been issued by the U.S patent office under patent numbers 8,365,684 and 8,336,245. In addition, this application remains open as several other applications are in process. These patents, in conjunction with several other key technology patents, position Hawx to produce the most unique products in this sector. This remote technology, combined with its invisible collar technology, will be the forefront of design for the next century. Licensing is available for these technologies and other patented designs.

Two new US patents will be issued for Hawx Outdoors products that will revolutionize the way dogs are trained in the field.

Hawx Outdoors, focused on the commercialization and development of new dog training products, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published notification of the allowance of two of its patent applications, Serial Numbers 12/030,549 and 12/484,008. The applications include claims directed to Hawx Outdoors' new specialized communications link that can be implemented on Bluetooth type platforms or alike. This technology is used in its remote electronic dog training and hunting products. The claims cover the manufacturing of firearms, electronic collars and other dog collars that use this new communications link and method. A Notice of Allowance is issued after the USPTO makes a determination that a patent can be granted for a new invention.

"These two Notices of Allowance demonstrate the significant advancements in this new technology over existing communication methods, as well as surprising and unexpected advantages in the way e collars can be used in the field and during training. These are all key factors considered by the USPTO in granting a patent," stated Tom Lalor, President of Hawx Outdoors. "Hawx Outdoors' goal is to protect and promote the commercial potential of this technology by using its patents and trade secrets in a strategic licensing program to regulate exclusivity in the U.S. market. The issuance of these Notices of Allowance, and other recent patent successes at the USPTO, indicates the strategy is working."

Hawx Outdoors delivered the first products using this technology last fall. The technology has been a tremendous success both with bird hunting enthusiasts and K9 training such as police, military, obedience and sport K9 trainers. Sales and dealer networks have grown rapidly since the official release in May 2012, with 80 dealers and thousands of dog enthusiasts coming onboard.

These Notices of Allowance follow the issuance of U.S. Patent Number 7958877 on June 14, 2011. These allowed applications are part of an expanding patent portfolio for Hawx Outdoors, now with nine U.S. patents either issued or allowed with the USPTO and another 2 additional applications pending in the United States.

Investors can find information on Hawx Outdoors at www.hawxdoggun.com. Information on the patentscan is located on the USPTO website at or http://patft.uspto.gov/. Search by entering the above-noted patent or application numbers or by searching the inventor field for "in/lalor-tom"

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