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Control at your fingertips

The true K9 ecollar

DOG control at your finger tips

The DG remote provides communications power in your hands and body.

Search and Rescue

Let your body do the talking, and have the timing whether you are doing obedience, protection work, bomb dog sniffing, search and rescue, border patrol and/or police handling.

In the field, military work, or police, you have instant control in even the most dangerous environments.

Trainers and K9 handlers worldwide are now making the DG remote an integral part of all high performance training. Hawx has designed these unique features for the specific needs for the K9 trainer.

What special features does the Hawx K9 model have?

  1. DG remote - Multiple remotes are supported for the most complex training scenarios.
  2. Extended wear and comfort, stretch e-strap
  3. Rising stimulation
  4. Full featured e-collar: all stimulation types
  5. Multi environment mounts
  6. High performance
  7. Durable
  8. Reliable

Body Talk features

To keep your body language the same, the DG remote can be mounted almost any place to allow quick access and provide fluid motion. The following mounts are available:
  • Finger ring
  • Stick mounts
  • Watch mount
  • Molle vest mounts
  • Belt Clip
  • Weapon mounts

Flexibility for Obedience

Intuitive mode

This mode is used for every day training and dog development when stimulation levels may have to be changed on the fly. It's very intuitive when using the DG remote. Whatever the transmitter is set on, the DG remote will duplicate.

Fast action, instant timing

Tactical mode

This mode is a more advanced mode for tactical action work, in which multiple remotes, multiple dogs, multiple intensities, can all be memorized. In fast action environments like bite work, or military work, you are always ready for dual tasks, dog corrections, or other maneuvers. Intensity levels and Multiple dog work can easily be setup and changed as required.

Elite Training

K9 mode

This is for advanced K9 training. The DG remote memorizes the intensity level but the toggle selects either dog, or a different type of stimulation. One DG remote can drive two stimulations, depending on the mode. Momentary and Continuous, or Continuous & Continuous. Great for increasing behavior with different levels in fast action command training.

Rising stimulation

Rising stimulation is a feature that provides an increase in stimulation if you hold the button down. Rising stimulation starts at the intensity you set it at, and increases every 3/4 of a second. Rising stimulation works both the master transmitter, as well as the DG remote, on any Continuous stimulation level, be it High, Medium, or Low. Used in police force work, bite work, or Off commands.

K9 special modes

With over 40 different modes available, the Hawx system has unlimited flexibility. K9 trainers can drive reward sniff devices, ball throwers, and advanced modes such as: Single collar modes Toggle up 3 levels of continuous / Toggle down 3 Levels of Momentary

Single collar modes Toggle up 3 levels of continuous / Toggle down 3 Levels of Continuous

These modes, paired with K9 DG mode, provide multiple stimulations on one remote. As well, Hawx support up to 10 DG remotes, providing the ultimate solution for K9 applications.

Working dogs - comfort and performance

Hawx Stretch E-Strap

This new e-collar technology expands and contracts as your dog's neck muscles work. The benefits are significant in e-collar performance and dog comfort versus traditional e-collars. A must for K9 trainers and extended wear dogs.


The greatest problem in overall performance of traditional e-collars is what is called an "Open Circuit Condition". This condition occurs when skin contact is lost, which can happen a number of ways including:
  • When a dog runs hard and bounces.
  • If the e-collar is put on too loose.
  • If the dog is collar-weary and expands his neck when the collar is tightened or sucks in his neck to loosen the collar.


As you can imagine, a collar that does not expand (traditional designs) will feel constricting and tight during heavy breathing and exercise. This, of course, is not comfortable for any dog, especially working dogs (try it yourself). Comfort and fit are extremely important for the following reasons:
  • Having consistent pressure increases the wear time (extended use).
  • Reduces becoming collar-weary for dogs.
  • He is your best friend, so give him a pair of "shoes" that fit.

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