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Control at your fingertips

K9 - Body Talk ™

Control at your finger tips

The DG remote provides trainiers with tremendous new training power. This new power does not come from a new type of stimulation, but from enhanced body language and timing that dogs really understand. Getting in touch with your Body Talk as a communication aid is as beneficial as the atmosphere of timing, intent, and connection to the cue or stimulation. Body Talk creates a deep cellular connection to stay focused on each other. It helps to keep the connection in place every second you are in the presence of your dog, using or not using training tools.

DG remotes allow you to freely move and train with your body and other tools. Traditional ecollar controller in your hand hinders fluid connection , focus and changes body language. A dog observes you every day. He can easily see changes in body language.

Humans use body language, but we rely more on the spoken word to convey thoughts. We are the only creature on the planet that can say one thing and by our actions prove the opposite. To the dog, humans can be very confusing.

Dogs are pack animals; they rely on each other and their leader to keep them from harm. If one senses change, then all go on alert.

Dogs "speak" to each other through body language. Watch your dog play with another dog. Through their body postures, they signal "let's play" or "I am no longer interested in playing ... I have to investigate this wonderful smell."

How can we use our own body language to communicate more effectively with our dogs - using the same methods they use to "speak" to each other?

When we want to play with our dog we often use a lot of excited movements and gestures - we throw a ball or a stick, or we encourage them to catch that Frisbee.

We also use our voice to communicate excitement. The opposite happens when we want to convey calmness. The human signal for this is standing still. These sounds simple - so give it a try.

Take your dog to the back yard and throw the ball; then jump into the pool (your dog, if he likes water, will follow). Now let's slow down the excitement by standing still. Do not pet your dog. Do not even give it a command to sit. What happens to the dog's energy?

Hawx is a believer in tools to help us in the training process, such as collars, leashes, and treats, but the most powerful tool we have is ourselves and the way we behave and move. If a tool changes the way your body language is, then the dog can lose the communications, be confused, or even fearful. Unpredictability to a dog is by the trainer not reacting consistently to the same stimulus or changing cues through different hand movements or energy. A big transmitter changes the way your body communicates to your dog and therefore sometimes sends the wrong messages. We want to use tools that allow us to dance free.

Training with this new tool - the DG remote, does not change your body movements, or postures. The dog senses the same movements and excitements from the pack leader as he does on any given day. Having control at your fingertips provides the timing and intent.

This powered communication is the edge for championship trainers and provides the consistency and ease of use needed for the average pet owner. The DG remote is a tool that keeps your body language cues the same, in training or in the field.

Make sure you do not send the wrong message to our dog because you are using a tool that changes your body language. Timing and intent always has to be at your finger tips.

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