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Release Hawx 007

Release date
Jan 14, 2013

This release developed by our users now truly puts the Hawx training system well above any other technology. This release expands on features and ease of use. These enhancements focus on three main areas; K9 training, Obedience, and ease of use.

The DG remote now provides ease of use for both tactical and obedience training.

There are three new modes: Intuitive, Tactical and K9. They are designed to meet the requirements whether you are a novice trainer, or a pro, as there's lots of flexibility and ease of use features.

The Hawx007 release also provides enhanced features like rising stimulation on levels of continuous (high, medium, low). Automatic Tone conditioning with stimulation is now available. Many new modes are available, including 6 levels of memorized continuous and 3 levels of continuous and 3 levels of momentary.

In addition, stimulation range selection is now offered to provide lower and more stimulation levels, allowing customization for the most sensitive dogs, or the toughest dog.

These user additions really allow you a new method of training, providing unmatched timing and the use of body language.

DG remote mode operation

The Hawx DG remote can be run in three different modes: Intuitive mode (default), Tactical mode, or K9 mode. Intuitive is great for easy operation, Tactical is great for multiple dogs and multiple DG remotes, K9 provides multiple control on one DG remote.
  1. Intuitive mode - reads the intensity dial and toggle switch position. So what ever your master transmitter is set to, the DG remote mirrors.
  2. Tactical Mode - Allows you to memorize stimulations. This is used effectively for multiple dogs or different buttons having different levels.
  3. K9 mode - reads the toggle switch only, but allows you to set stimulations. In this way one button can have different types of levels, or different type's stimulations, or different dogs.

Intuitive mode - Setting intensity level

Tactical mode - Setting intensity level

K9 mode - Setting intensity level

In operation, you move the toggle to select different stimulations or dogs.

Setup Rising Stimulation
Rising stimulation is a unique feature that allows you to automatically rise stimulation on any of continuous stimulations (high, medium, low). You can set the start point intensity and every .750 seconds the stimulation will rise to the next intensity level. After you release the button it will reset to the stimulation you set your start point to. This can be used in many environments such as hunters needing a fast way to increase stimulation in a chase situation or in police work for bit work or pursuit applications.

Even more important, your remote DG control button can have this feature. Never do your hands or eyes have to move to the transmitter to increase a stimulation level.

Stimulation Range The Hawx collar comes with 3 stimulation ranges (High, medium, and low, see chart below). In addition, these ranges have 6 stimulation levels adjusted by the intensity dial within each range. One being the lowest and six being the highest. The default range setting is 1 or high.

Range Chart

New modes available

* Mode 32 is used to condition your dog to Tone/Vibrate as an aversive conditioning. Tone/Vibrate will occur for .75 seconds, then a 200msec delay followed by stimulation (any time button is released the sequence will stops. Momentary type cannot be stopped.

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