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Other Innovative Technology

Automated Robots

Gone are the days of training competitive hunting dogs by paying for help. No longer do you have to beg your partner for help, deal with complaints, or experience inconsistent throws.

Bumper Boy launchers were the first multi-robotic launcher with sound and motion. They changed the way competitive dogs learn. The by-product was trainer independence and cost savings.

Licensed to
iCare Reward Based Pet Containment System

Conventional containment systems produce stimulation around the boundary area.
They continually use punishment so the dog avoids the boundary zone. This training method causes many problems and takes a great amount of yard training by a trainer.
iCare is a reward training system for
conditioning the dog's behavior with the use of digital voice collar, a remote feeder to reward the dog, and a handheld remote.
iCare is the Happy Dog system!

New Sport

BanGo Shoot & Retrieve - The world's first shoot and retrieve sport.

The best way to describe BanGo is sporting clays with your dog. Licensed to BanGomaster, Tom developed the target bird and the commercial launcher, capable of holding large tournaments with hundreds of competitors.


The engineers at Hawx Outdoors saw room for improvement on current e-collar designs and took the initiative to make the design better. Performance/Comfort Wings, Stretch Strap, Tap Control, Shape, and Custom Fit etc.

Stretch Strap

The number one reason an e-collar may not produce stimulation to the dog is fit. Running can cause loss of contact if the collar is not fitted correctly. The solution was designing a collar that adjusted as the forces changed. The new stretch collar did that and provided increased comfort for the dog.


A dog's neck is curved, not flat, so why are collars flat?

A curved collar just makes sense. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also allows better performance. In the future, collars will reduce in size and wrap around the dog's neck allowing better performance.

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