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The most advanced technology engineered for the hunter.

No Place for New Technology

In 2007, Tom was hunting when a bird flushed right in front of him. His dog broke, and by the time he took his gloves off and found his transmitter deep in his jacket pocket, the bird was gone and so was his dog. It was then that it occurred to him: put a button where it always should have been... on the gun!

Knowing the market potential for this logical product, Tom first approached the leading e-collar manufacturers. Uninterested in new technologies and unwilling to change, even with user surveys showing 98% support for the new product, these major companies decided to decline. In 2009, Tom licensed the technology to his private brand: Hawx Outdoors - Dog & Gun ™

Integrating the e-collar with the gun is comparable to putting wheels on luggage. Hunters need the controls on the gun, not in their pocket! Dogs need instant correction. It's the only way that makes sense!

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