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Control always at your fingertips, not in your pocket.
The Future Is Now

"Control where it always should have been, at your fingertips."

The concept of the Dog & Gun button is simple, effective, and genius. The tool will change the sport of hunting, and allow for complete control of your dog with control of your hunting dogs' e-collar at your fingertips. Designed with hunters in mind, this unique piece of electronic technology was designed to keep hunting and dogs at the heart of our worldwide outdoors. This unique innovation allows for control of your dog with split second timing, correcting the wrong timing problems that all conventional e-collars have.

We have used this innovative technology to create the first ever non-conventional e-collar for hunters in mind. This gives you continuous sense of your dog, your gun, and other hunters and your environment, as you never have to take your eyes off the field and your dog. This will allow for safer hunting, correct timing, and complete control of your hunting situation. You'll never be reaching for your transmitter again!

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