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Hawx soon to announce new manufacturer.

Dear Customers,

As you're likely aware, we ceased operations in 2014. We're preparing to announce a new world class manufacturer, not only to carry on these great product lines but they will be enhancing them with the guidance of the previous design team of Bumper Boy and Hawx. These new products will revolutionize the field of dog training by providing unmatched range, flexible features, GPS, pet containment and smart phone support to provide unlimited customization for the user and dealers. Previous Bumper Boy and Hawx customers will also be offered introductory specials.

Please stay tuned for this exciting announcement in the next few months.

Disclaimer: Please be aware, the new company is working strictly on design and will not be servicing the past equipment. Please send any service issues to info@hawxdoggun.com and one of the old founders will try to help you out until the new products are out.

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